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  • Bubble Soccer Ball
    Bubble Soccer Ball is A Giant Inflatable Sphere​, which is made of PVC 0.8mm or TPU 0.8mm Material.​It is physical, exhilarating, and enormous fun for children and adults.
  • Bubble Soccer Football
    The Bubble Soccer Football is a globe or sphere with a tube through the middle where you stand. There is an opening above your head. Two safety belts hold the bubble on your shoulders (like a backpack), and there are two handles to hold onto with your hands.
  • Zorb Ball Russia
    Zorb Ball is the sport of rolling down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball, Zorb Globe, Giant Inflatable Human Hamster Ball, It's great for using down local hills, grassplot, grassland, parks, play areas, football pitches and Zorb Slide Ramp, Zorbing Orbit, snow field, etc.
  • Zorb Ball Melbourne
    Zorb ball is a double layer ball, the outer ball is about 3.0m diameter and the inner ball is about 2.0m diameter. The two balls are connected with many nylon bars and full with air.
  • Zorb Ball India
    Zorb Ball sports in India venues are artificial, also can be in the natural hillside, the general slope at 30 degrees or so, when the ball rolled down the slope, the person inside with the ball to do a 365 degree rotation...
  • Zorb Ball Malaysia
    Rolling Zorb ball or named Zorbing ball in the field or the grassland is another unique experience which is different from enjoying it in the inflatable slide. This kind of activity is usually enjoyed by a gang of friends, which is also an opportunity for businessmen to make money!
  • Soccer Zorb Ball
    Soccer Zorb Ball.It's great for using down local hills, parks, play areas, football pitches and Zorbing ramp, Zorbing orbit. We also can provide you Zorb Balls for use on water.
  • Human Hamster Ball
    Human Hamster Ball is also known as jump jump ball, water ball, water running the ball. Water recreation facilities, can be used for children and adult play. Water walking ball waterproof airtight zipper zipper is imported from Germany, with high quality and good air tightness.

New Arrival Fun Inflatable Products

  • Bubble Soccer Ball
  • Body Zorb Ball
  • Soccer Zorb Ball
  • Water Ball
  • Zorb Ball
  • Football Shape Zorb Ball
  • Nuclear Globe Zorb Ball
  • LED Lights Zorb Ball
  • Giant Inflatable Water Parks
  • Inflatable Pools
  • Floating Inflatable Water Parks
  • Bounce n Slide Water Parks
  • Inflatable Banana Boats
  • Inflatable Flying Fish Boat
  • Towable Water Ski Tubes
  • Inflatable Bubble Tents

    Products Description


    We are a tried and trusted supplier of Water Walking Balls, Body Zorb Balls, and other inflatable activities designed to get kids and adults active and having fun.

    Aqua Zorb Balls and Water Balls have proved to be a huge success all over the UK, USA and Europe in swimming pools, holiday parks, scout activity centres, lakes and beaches to name a few.

    We have designed our products to meet the strict health and safety requirements for use in the UK, Europe and the US. Our products are made from our own unique blend of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). We do not want to sell cheaper quality balls made of PVC as these can break easily, discolour in the sun, be very heavy and can irritate the skin of the rider.

    Call or email us today to find out what you are looking for.

    About Us

    Guangzhou ASIA Inflatables Co., Limted

    Bubble Soccer Ball, Giga Ball, Water Ball, Water Roller Ball, Zorb Ball, Human Hamster Ball, Body Zorb Ball, Fluorescent Zorb Ball, Zorbing Ramp, Zorbing Race Track Manufacturing


    It's a big Transparent or Colorful Ball (7ft. in diameter) which we call the "Water Ball", Water Walking Ball, "Dance Ball", or "Water Walker". 

    The Water balls are usually made of a clear super Transparent special material.

    The "Water Ball" is very simple and easy to use, just blow it up, open up the zipper, the rider enters inside, close the zipper and re-inflate the "Water Ball" again, to full capacity. And your off, water walking!


    How to Ride Water Balls Safely?

    Water Ball, Water Walking Ball, Water Walker is for walking on water or Inflatable Pools, for floating on water, its a float Water Sphere, A Dance Ball , A Display Ball for placing products inside and for use in show business productions (Inflatable show ball), TV shows and for your own creative ideas. Transparent water ball, Full Color Water ball, Half Color Water Ball, Multi-colors Water Ball, Color Dots Water Ball, Color Strips Water Ball, Football Shape Water ball, LED Light Water Ball, Human Sphere Water Ball, Walk On Water Ball. A giant Inflatable Globe so you can literally walk on water.


    Zorb is the sport of rolling down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball, Zorb Globe, Giant Inflatable Human Hamster Ball. It's great for using down local hills, parks, play areas, football pitches and Zorbing Ramp, Zorbing Race Track, Zorbing Orbit. We also can provide you Zorb Balls for use on water. (Aqua Zorb, Glowing Zorb). 

    Attached a picture is our customer provided to us!


    Human Hamster Ball Rental

    Zorb ball (Human hamster ball)  now are well known all over the world .People are love this exciting games. Human hamster ball rental are widely noted in commercial and so with Zorb bal l Park.

    Zorb Ball is the sport of rolling down a hill or grass plot inside a giant inflatable ball. Its great for using down local hills, parks, play areas, football pitches and Zorbing Ramp, Zorb Ball also named Hill Ball, Inflatable Grass Plot Ball, Inflatable Roller Ball, Land Ball, Inflatable Human Hamster Ball, Giant Inflatable Human Hamster Ball, etc.

    Zorb Ball is very popular between children and adults for sporting and recreation. Romantic Night inside the Love ball: You can spend a romantic night with your lover in the love ball and enjoy the romantic floating experience. Great Fun in the rain: Perfect solution for fun even in the rain.

    Zorb Racing and Zorbing Race Track

    Zorbing Race Track, Zorb Ball Race Track, Zorbing Racing, is used for rolling and recreation of Zorb Balls, Zorbing Balls and Human Hamster Balls. It is a sporting of enterntainment and excitement. Just try the Zorbing Race Track, we believe that you are going to love this Zorbing Sports!


    Customzied Zorb Ball

    Customzied Zorb Ball, Fluorescent Zorb Ball, Illuminant Zorb Ball, Football Zorb Ball, Soccer Zorb Ball, Color Dots Zorb Ball, Zorb Sports Ball, Aqua Zorb ball, Hydro Zorb ball, Glowing Zorb ball, Shining Zorb ball, LED Light Zorb Ball.

    Warnings of the Aqua Zorbs!!!

    ● Make sure the belt is tight before playing

    ● People who have heart disease or any other disease are not allowed to participate in this game; Children under 3 years old and elderly person above 40 years old are not allowed to participate in this game; the loading weight is 300 kg max;

    ● When there is any uncomfortable feeling from the people inside the ball, please stop playing and let him/her out urgently; as this game may cause discomfort because of its thrill.

    ● Don’t use it when there is any leaking until you use repair kit to fix it again; do regular check and assure the Zorb is in good condition.

    Bubble Soccer Ball is A Giant Air-tight Inflatable Sphere, which is  made of PVC 0.8mm or TPU 0.8mm Material. It is the newest activity for 2011 and great fun for children and adults. Trasparen Bubble Soccer Balls, Color Dots Bubble Soccer Balls, Colorful Dots Bubble Soccer Balls, Half Color Bubble Soccer Balls, Fun Color Bubble Soccer Balls. Colorful Bubble Soccer Balls, Multi-Colors Bubble Soccer Balls.

    Inflatable Bubble, Inflatable Bubble Ball, Inflatable Show Ball, Inflatable Bubble Tent is favored for its wide application for advertising, camping, holiday leisure outdoor activities, trade shows, exhibitions, promotion, outdoor shelter, car shelter, etc. it can be easily installed in parties, parks, amusement centers, backyard, gardens and so on.The Inflatable Bubble Tent Can be decorated with lights, set with some tables and chair just as the bar.

    We also list some Frequent Asked Questions and Payment information, if you have more special problems, Cooperate & Suggestions, You can also send us a direct email: admin@inflatable-water-games.com, Click here Get a Quote (Price List for Water Ball, Dance Ball, Snow Ball, Water Roller, zorb ball, Inflatable Zorb Ramp, Bumper Ball, Inflatable pool,Inflatable water games, Inflatable boats, Bumper boat, Paddle boat, Inflatable Water Trampoline, Inflatable Water Park, etc.)

    OEM & ODM is always Welcome!

    Solemnly declare:

    1. GuangZhou ASIA Inflatables Co., Ltd. has no Branch or Subsidiary in Any City of China, please be aware of ASIA Inflatable Brand Models.

    2. There are many small factories and trading companies. They copy our designs and pictures from our website. Although we have the product copyright, but we can't stop so many copies. Please check our factory background to identify... Thank you!

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